Choose Affinity Skilled Living and Rehabilitation Center for Post-Acute Rehab

We are proud to receive Providigm’s Basic QAPI Accreditation for 2017!
December 4, 2017
Affinity is awarded the Bronze National Commitment To Quality Award
August 3, 2018

Choose Affinity Skilled Living and Rehabilitation Center for Post-Acute Rehab

At Affinity, the priority for short-term Post-Acute Rehab patients is for them to regain their functional independence and return home.

Coordinating the care for their short-term rehabilitation patients is Dr. Rai, a Board-Certified Physiatrist.  After many years in his medical practice, Dr. Rai knows that one of the greatest fears of his patients has been for them to lose their independence. Dr. Rai’s passion is to help his patients to go back to independent living and a meaningful and full way of life.

To regain independence and speed recovery, Dr. Rai oversees the rehab process at Affinity.  He also attends to pain management to make sure his patients are comfortable throughout the rehab process.  Additionally, he works with families to identify and overcome possible barriers to getting the patient back home by providing support, education and training.  The team at Affinity utilizes a patient-centered model to care for their residents where the whole interdisciplinary team is involved in creating a care plan for the patient.  The facility’s team includes rehab staff (physical, occupational and speech therapy), nursing, dieticians, recreation therapists, social workers, medical doctors.

Physiatrists are medical doctors who are also trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  Physiatrists may diagnose and treat pain, work to restore maximum function lost through injury, illness or disabling conditions, treat the whole person, not just the problem area, and provide non-surgical treatments.  A Physiatrist evaluates and treats neurological and orthopedic conditions and illnesses, muscular-skeletal conditions including back and neck pain and arthritis, traumatic injuries, stroke, cancer patients, amputations, nerve injuries, patients with COPD / pulmonary diseases, cardiac diseases and post-operative patients as well as medical/surgical patients that may need reconditioning.

A focus at Affinity is the orthopedic service provided.  Dr. Rai has many years’ experience in Acute Rehab caring for those with traumatic hip fractures and other broken bones following falls or accidents, as well as elective orthopedic surgeries, for example total knee, hip or shoulder replacements.

The Physiatry-led Rehab Team at Affinity works hard for their patients and provides a unique opportunity in the path to their recovery.  Commenting on her experience at the facility, Margaret L. said, “After my car accident, I came to Affinity for Rehab with crushed ribs, a broken hand and fractured foot. The Physiatrist, Dr. Rai oversees my care and does everything to help me so I can go home. The therapists do a lot of work with me. They provide excellent care here at Affinity.”

About Affinity Skilled Living & Rehabilitation Center

For more information, please visit or call 631-218-5900 for a tour.  Affinity Skilled Living & Rehabilitation Center provides Progressive Care to Enhance Your Quality of Life”.  Affinity is a 280 bed sub-acute skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility located at 305 Locust Avenue in Oakdale, New York providing short-term and long-term care, physical, occupational and speech therapy, an on-site ventilator unit, respiratory and pulmonary rehabilitation, IV therapy and wound care that includes complicated wound management and care for difficult or non-healing wounds.